Error: Access to the path ‚ÄėC:\.........‚Äô is denied when opening or saving folios
Failed to convert - Access to Path c:\Users\<<Windows UserName>>\AppData\Roaming\LawMaster\PracticeManagement\<<LawMaster Database Name>>\<<LawMaster User Login>>\temp\FolioXXXX\<<Document Name>> is denied
eg) Failed to convert - Access to Path E:\Users\pbetenson\AppData\Roaming\LawMaster\PracticeManagement\PRODSQL2014.LawMasterProduction\PHB\temp\Folio00319200\Letter to Mr Smith.docx is denied
This error usually occurs when trying to PDF a document to add as an attachment to an email from LawMaster.
ie) from right click on a folio > Send Folio(s) > Email Attachments only > Click yes to Convert to PDF


The error message is being thrown by Windows and displayed by LawMaster.

It basically means that access to the file has been blocked. 

Here are some of the most common reasons for this error and ideas for your IT to explore to get the issue resolved:

  1. There is an error in Word that is hidden that is causing the problem
    Check that the following or similar Word error is not the cause:
  2. The user is using Adobe DC as their default PDF reader.
    Make sure Adobe DC is not set as the default PDF reader on the machine.
    NOTE: LawMaster supports Adobe's Acrobat Reader but not Adobe's Acrobat DC (non reader version)
  3. Try toggling the PDF Express viewer option on the folio tab:
  4. The word document in question has been opened in read only mode or is locked by another process:
    1. Close LawMaster and Outlook and delete all the files and folders in the users app data LawMaster temp folder that appears in the error:
      ie)  c:\Users\<<Windows UserName>>\AppData\Roaming\LawMaster\PracticeManagement\<<LawMaster Database Name>>\<<LawMaster User Login>>\temp
    2. If Windows says there is a file in use when trying to delete all the files and folders in the temp folder then restart the PC and try deleting the files again.
  5. The document is already checked out by the user or another user
    Check the document back in and try again.
  6. The anti-virus/Security suite is locking the file
    Temporarily turn off the anti-virus/Security suite.  If that resolves the issue then set LawMaster as a exception in the anti-virus/Security suite's whitelist
  7. The LawMaster installation has been changed
    Uninstall and Reinstall LawMaster on the affected PC
  8. Microsoft Word addin is misbehaving
    1. Turn off all Microsoft Word Add ins
    2. Restart the PC
  9. Adobe PDF reader is opening in protected mode
    Go to Edit>Preferences>Security (Enhanced)> uncheck 'Enable Protected Mode at startup' in Adobe PDF reader
  10. Microsoft Office installation has become corrupt
    Repair Microsoft Office on that PC
  11. Adobe PDF reader has become corrupt or an addin is misbehaving
    Repair the Adobe PDF reader and disable all add-ins
  12. The Windows profile for the user has become corrupt
    Re-create the users Windows Profile

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