Where an employee has negotiated to accrue additional annual leave above the standard 20 days (4 weeks) per year, new codes will need to be created to ensure leave is accrued correctly.  Where some employees are remaining on the standard 20 days of leave accrual, the Leave Type parameter for Annual Leave (LA) will also need to be modified. 

Step-by-step guide

From Parameters > Set Parameters > Payroll. 

Payroll Classification Code (PF) 

Add a new Classification Code to identify the extra type of leave.  Right click >  Add.

Create a new classification code for both Full Time and Part Time employees e.g. where a Full Time employee has negotiated 5 weeks of annual leave per year: 

You will need to add a corresponding code for Part Time employees eg P5 - Part Time (5 weeks annual leave)

Payroll Leave Type (LT)

Add a new leave type so the system can accrue the correct number of days per year e.g. 5 weeks = 25 days annual leave per year.  Right click > Add.

The Accrual Days field is the number of days per year that leave has been negotiated, in this instance 25 days.   

The Classification List field is a comma separate list of employee classification codes that apply to this leave accrual e.g. F5,P5 that were created in the first step.

Modify the Leave Type - LA: Annual Leave, so that the Classification List field takes into account the Full Time (F) and Part Time (P) codes that will accrue the normal 20 days per year.  

Note: Leave Type - LS: Personal/Sick Leave, may need to be modified to include the new classification codes e.g F5,P5 in the Classification List if not defaulting to "All". 

Once all parameters have been added and modified File > Reset Login Settings. 

Update Employee Record

Go to Payroll and Personnel > Employee Enquiry.   Select the Employee > right click > Modify.

Update the Classification field on the Employee record with the new code created.

The next time you process a pay run, leave will be accrued based on hours worked for 25 days per year rather than 20 days per year. 

For leave to be calculated automatically on the hours worked, the Raise Leave Accrual Historically field needs to be ticked from Parameters > Set Parameters > Payroll > Processing Options > General Tab.