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There are several advanced matter search options, as outlined in the following table.

FormAny combination of directly maintainable Matter fields.
Added over a given date range

Searching for Entities in a specific date range.


A search based on combination of Matter Attributes. 


Entities added for a given date range:


When selecting the attribute, you are presented with the following screen to select the Work Type.

You can then select whether to search only for Matters with the selected Work Type, or to search for Matters of different Work Types, but which use the same Variable Template.

Selecting an Attribute from the grid and pressing OK will populate the selected Attribute into the Attribute Search Form, as below.

Depending on the Attribute selected, different conditional statements will appear to the right of the attribute for the user to choose. Additional Attributes can be built into the search by pressing the “Add” button.

The bottom half of the screen allows the user to select other Attributes to be displayed in the search result grid, but which do not form part of the search criteria. By default, Attributes selected as search criteria will be automatically added to the list of attributes displayed in the search result.

From the context menu on the list of Display Attributes, you can Delete a selected Display Attribute and move selected Attributes up or down the list. This will change the order of the columns that will appear in the resulting search.

Pressing “OK” will cause the search to be run and the results displayed in the Matter Search grid. The search parameters are retained in the attribute search until the Matter Search screen is closed, allowing the user to test a search, return to the search form to add or delete Attributes and then test again.

The search can also be saved to Favourites via the “Save” button, which will display the following screen:

On this screen, the user may enter a Name and a Description for the search. The user can also elect to share the search with other Resources using the “Share With” field. This field allows a look up and the selection of multiple Resources, who will then be able to search for and add the search from their own Favourites Tab.

If no Resource is listed in the “Share With” field, only the Author of the search is able to add the search to their Favourites. Note that any Resource listed in the “Share With” field can also modify or delete the search.