This note is for Payroll users who are NOT using Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Audit Payroll Transactions Screen

The audit pays screen looks different in the Sweden release, even if the Single Touch Payroll (STP) functionality has not been turned on.

Payroll Processing

  1. Process your pays as normal.
  2. When you get to the Audit Payroll Transactions item, the screen will appear differently to prior versions of LawMaster.  
    1. To audit the pays, right click and select 'Audit Pays'.
    2. You will be presented with the screen below.  Select 'OK' to proceed.
    3. If you have not turned on Single Touch Payroll (STP), then no report to the ATO will generate.
    4. You can then print Pay Advices (payslips) as normal.

If the Audit Payroll Transactions menu isn't appearing for you then to access the Audit Payroll Transactions item go to: 

  1. Security >Maintain User Security
  2. Select the DEF group you are a member of
  3. Select the Programs tab
  4. Select the Main Menu from the Menu drop down
  5. Expand the Payroll and Personnel section
  6. Expand the Payroll Processing section
  7. Tick Audit Payroll Transactions
  8. Close and reopen LawMaster

For Example: 

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