This outlines the process to conduct your End of Month Roll.  Also refer to the topic End of Month Reports for the recommended reports to be printed and timing of these reports. 

LawMaster accounting periods are based on your financial year e.g.  1 July to 30 June with July being period 1 and June being period 12.

We do an end of month roll over to separate the accounting periods.  Say it’s October (period 4) but you haven’t rolled over so you were still in period 3 (Sept) any transactions entered would go against period 3.

Step-by-step guide

Ensure no one is logged onto the system:  Menubar > Periodic Processing > Show User Logins

This will display a list of users who are logged into the system.  To disable all users from the Context Menu (right click) > Disable All.  This will disable those users who are currently logged into the system.  You can also then from the Context Menu (right click) > Prevent Login, to prevent users from logging back in.

Run your End of Day Procedure: Menubar > Periodic Processing > End of Day Run.

Check the System Control Report to ensure there are no issues: Menubar > Periodic Processing > View System Control Report in Grid > Select the relevant Report Number (the last end of day will be the default report number).  

Go to Messages Tab and ensure there are no messages represented by ***.

Where you have any messages, these should be resolved prior to the End of Month Roll.   Anything above the message "Costing for WIP is by matter office" should be resolved immediately, anything after this message will not hold up your End of Month roll and should be rectified afterwards.

Run any necessary Reports as outlined in the End of Month Reports documentation.

Run Roll Accounting Period (not end of year): Menubar > Periodic Processing > Roll Accounting Period.

You will be presented with a dialog box to confirm that you are rolling the accounting period and the Current YBD and Period > Select OK.

Your database will then be rolled into the new period, which is represented in the Status Bar.  

Allow Users to log in to LawMaster: Menubar > Periodic Processing > Allow User Logins.

Once you have rolled your accounting period the period will be closed off and no further transactions are able to be posted to that period.