One entry is held for each person or organisation that your organisation or firm has dealings with. These organisations or persons are called Entities and are mainly clients but also include Matter Parties, Deed Parties, creditors and other contacts.

Each entity is identified by a nine character alphanumeric "Entity Identifier", which is generated by LawMaster. LawMaster also generates a short name for accessing entities by "name".  Entities may be linked to create joint or plural Entities for various purposes. Eg, a partnership, husband and wife, joint owners of a property, etc. Entities may also be assigned additional custom data which are termed ‘Entity Attributes’. This data enables Entities to be classified by user definable codes and values and is particularly useful for marketing purposes.


One entry is held for each matter opened by the firm.  Matters are uniquely identified in the system by an 8-digit number which may be assigned automatically by the system.  This number can be reset at any time if required e.g. at the beginning of the year, to start off matter files with a year prefix.  A system sequence holds the last matter number assigned which can be amended by the System Administrator, if needed.