When dragging and dropping emails, previewing emails, word documents, excel documents etc in LawMaster an error then occurs with the resulting folio: A file error has occurred:

The problem is caused by the max length of the file path imposed by Microsoft products and the requirement for the temporary files to be resident in the appdata folder for the Windows user.


  1. For an error when doing a Drag/Drop of an email with a long filename from your PC (eg Desktop) to LawMaster - Modify file name to shorten.
    In Windows select the file and right click and select rename.  Rename it to something really short eg) a.msg
  2. For an error on Preview, Edit, Reply, Forward etc:
    1.  Modify the Precis of the folio in question:
      1. For the folio causing with the issue select the Precis tab instead of the Preview tab
      2. Then right click on the Folio in question
      3. Select Modify
      4. Alter the Precis in some way eg) add a full stop to the end
      5. Click OK
    2. Or Remove the Precis field from the FOLIO_ATT Parameter Email Attachments Template File Name field
      NOTE: this will remove the precis from all email attachments attached from LawMaster for the whole firm:
      1. From LawMaster go to Parameters > Set Parameters > Records Management > Folio File Name and Attachment Options (FOLIO_ATT)
      2. Remove the [Precis] code from the Email Attachments Template field
      3. Click OK
      4. NOTE: Users will need to close and reopen LawMaster and Outlook to see the change

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