This topic assists you to exit LawMaster.

Exit LawMaster.

  1. To exit LawMaster do one of the following:

    • Click the close button on the environment and matter info bar.

  2. Click yes to "Do you want to exit LawMaster?”

  3. If you have any documents checked out, LawMaster prompts you to check them in, do one of the following:
    • Click yes if you want to check your documents in.
    • Click no to keep them checked out.
    • Click cancel to remain logged in to LawMaster.

  4. When you exit LawMaster, it does the following:
    • Reports if documents are checked out.
    • Updates your login history, noting the time logged on and off.
    • Clears cached files not used for more than seven days or the number of days defined by your system administrator.

You can also select Alt-F4 and then Y on your keyboard to logout of LawMaster.

Any matters left open when you exit LawMaster automatically re-open if you select 'yes' to restore work when you next login.

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