When merging a template from LawMaster the following error occurs:


This error is being returned by Microsoft Office through LawMaster.

The Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is used for communication between LawMaster and MS Office products such as Word and Outlook.

The error has occurred in MS Word's RPC server processing which prevents LawMaster from communicating with the Microsoft application.

If this only occurs rarely try rebooting the PC when it occurs.

However, if the error is still displayed, can you please:

  1. restart your machine.

  2. return to LawMaster and immediately try running the merge again.

  3. If the error continues to occur, then please:

    1. use the ALT-TAB key combination to display each of the open windows, in turn, to see if a Word dialogue box is open.

      If one is displayed, then respond appropriately and retry the merge;

    2. An alternative to using Alt + Tab is to right click in free space on the Windows Taskbar and select 'Show windows stacked' to locate the hidden message, then respond to the message and then right click in free space in the Taskbar again and select 'Undo Show stacked'.

The cause of this error is normally that there is a Word dialogue box open when the merge is being run. Please note that at times when Word is opened by LawMaster the user may not be aware that Word is running, and this dialogue box can be hidden behind other windows so is not visible to the user. 
For example:

This error can also occur when Word is not installed or is corrupted in which case the installation or Repair of Word resolves the issue.

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