When I log in I get a message that says: Folio Viewer registry settings need updating


This message is encountered when the Windows Registry gets overwritten as a result of Windows/Office Updates being applied, hence when the LawMaster application is used for the first time after the Windows/Office Updates the registry keys required by LawMaster need to be inserted into the registry again. 

The registry change is needed for the LawMaster Folio Viewer to work.

Each user will need to click Yes when they encounter this message in order to allow the program to make the required changes.
If a user doesn't have admin access on their PC they will need to speak to their IT administrator to resolve this.

NB: The Registry Settings that are applied can be found in “C:\Program Files (x86)\LawMaster\Client\PracticeManagement\Versions\10.XX.XXXX\FolioViewer_Registry.reg”. It is an HLKM.

NOTE: the registry file may change in future versions of LawMaster.

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