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When looking for basic information about the GlobalX Search Provider.

GlobalX Basic Information:

For orders to be processed by LawMaster, orders must be initiated from LawMaster. Even if the matter reference is manually populated correctly it will not work.

Searches can be found on the Matter that the search originated from, the Searches Tab in Enquiries > Searches and the Folios Tab in the Matter or in Enquiries > Folios.

Specifics on GlobalX Searches:

A note about the browser: The GlobalX search launches into a browser embedded into LM (which uses IE). This is different to the other search providers. The reason is because a script must be injected to populate the login screen. This process was based on GlobalX code.

Specifics on GlobalX search results/orders:

Orders from current time to a default of 3 days old are retrieved every poll (This value can be changed if need be but only in daily increments – it’s not currently in a form so must manually update the field Par_Num2 for GlobalX parameter via a script. Eg set to 1 = orders older than 1 day). Order documents older than this are not retrieved. This raises a rare but potential issue if an Order is made and results are returned after 4 days and with the date of the original order.  GlobalX are working to fix this.

Known issues:

When placing multiple search orders in a single transaction, LM will add one aggregated transaction (Cost transaction) rather than individual search costs. Currently GlobalX is working to resolve this and a fix will be added in a future release.

The search description show in LawMaster is defaulted to "GlobalX Search Documents" and currently it does not show the actual search title or search description as per GlobalX site, this is currently being worked on by GlobalX and LM Development team and a fix will be added in a future release.

GlobalX integration with LM:

Please contact your Account Manager with the below information which is required for this setup...

  1. GlobalX username
  2. GlobalX Password.
  3. Disbursement Type.
  4. Options: 
    a. Cash Disb, needs bank account.
    b. Non Cash, 
    c. Anticipated, needs supplier entity identifier

  5. Disbursement Codes. (By default we use SCH and SCHX if the codes are not supplied to us)

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