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Inverted Commas are used to further help refine your searching in LawMaster.  

There is a difference when searching or not searching with inverted commas as LawMaster will search in a different way as shown below. 

We will use “new operator” as an example here.

Without Inverted Commas

When searching without inverted commas you will type new operator into LawMaster.  LawMaster will read it as “new” AND “operator” and will look for and find topics that contain both the individual words instead of a phrase.

With Inverted Commas

When searching with inverted commas, i.e. “new operator”.  LawMaster will search topics the contain the literal phrase “new operator” and this includes all its grammatical variations.

Selecting the breadcrumbs at the end of the Keywords field, will take you to the Search Condition window, you can see an option for Phrase. This can also be used to easily search for items in LawMaster, especially when you are copy/ pasting information into the Search Condition window.  Refer to Boolean Operators for further information. 

Note: If you are copying / pasting information into the Search field make sure that it does not contain any of the Boolean Operators as it is possible to receive error messages. If you are adding text that contains Boolean Operators be sure to add a set of Inverted Commas around the Boolean Operator like so: "and", "or", "not", etc.