When trying to submit a folio to InfoTrack's SignIT process LawMaster returns the "Request returned unauthorised" error:

This issue is caused because InfoTrack believes the user submitting the request doesn't have access to InfoTrack's services.


NOTE: For services like SignIT from InfoTrack to work each user must have their own login to InfoTrack. 
If you are unsure what your InfoTrack login details are please contact InfoTrack for this information

  1. Go to the InfoTrack website and make sure your InfoTrack username and password allows you to login.
  2. Undertake any special authentication requests to be able to successfully login 
  3. When once successfully logged in, log out and then try the search etc from LawMaster as usual
  4. If this doesn't resolve the issue then:
    1. From LawMaster go to Security > Maintain user security
    2. Select the affected user
    3. Select the Search Logins tab
    4. Verify the InfoTrack Username
      Double check there are no errant spaces before or after the user name for Infotrack
    5. Manually re-key in the InfoTrack password for this user.
    6. Get the affected user to restart LawMaster and Outlook and then try to do a new InfoTrack search

NOTE: Liaise with InfoTrack to get InfoTrack Login details or access to products like SignIT etc

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