Infotrack is unavailable for searching after my licence codes have been updated.


Steps to be followed after License update:

  1. Go to Parameters > Set Parameters > Searches > Search Providers (SPR).
  2. Select Infotrack 
  3. Remove the # from the Drop Folder Location and Processed Files Folder.
  4. Check the Active Indicator Checkbox
  5. Select Ok.
  6. Reset your login settings.

Do a simple test at the end of the above change;

  1. Select any matter under “Recent Matters”
  2. Select ‘Searches’ in the toolbar
  3. Right Click and Infotrack search option should be available

This has been fixed in the recent Sweden release of LawMaster (V.10.12).  If you are on an earlier version of LawMaster, if this is not checked you are prevented from doing searches every time licence codes are updated.