To accrue Long Service Leave for employees follow the steps below. 

Step by Step Guide

  1. Work out the number of days that should be accrued each year e.g. in Queensland it is 4.334 days. 

  2. Payroll Payment and Deduction Code (PC)
    Create an hourly code for Long Service Leave, as per screenshot below.  Ensure you tick Normal Pay as superannuation is calculated on Long Service Leave.

  3. Payroll Leave Type (LT)
    Create an associated leave type so that the 2 characters match to the Payroll Payment and Deduction code created. 

    Accrual DaysEnter the number of days to be accrued per year e.g. 4.3334 for Qld
    MonthsThe number of months leave is to start accruing from e.g. 84 months is 7 years. This means that leave will not start to accrue until the employee has been with the firm for 7 years. If you want leave to accrue from start date, leave as zero.
    Classification ListIf set to ALL means Long Service Leave will accrue for all employees that are full time or part time. You may elect to set this for only Full time and Part time employees only e.g. F or P. This should be set the same as your annual leave and sick leave parameter.

  4. Add a Leave journal for the accrued long service leave to date, if required.  In the above example, where leave has been set to accrue after 7 years, leave will commence accruing from the 7 year mark and not calculate from start date to 'today' and will be based on hours worked for the relevant pay period.  You will need to add a leave journal for the number of hours that are to be accrued to date.