If your LawMaster is running slow it is important to ascertain whether the issue is network related


Our primary Azure Data Center is located in Australia East.  To ascertain any slowness between your Internet Provider and Azure Data centres, we request you to test the latency:

  • please go to this URL let it run all day.
  • When you experience any slowness, can you please take a screen shot of the above mentioned web page. Then take another one a minute later.

Expected times

At the time of conducting the tests, the machine had access to Internet speed of Up 20mb/sec and down 44mb/sec

The azure latency was around 23ms

  1. Login took <3 secs
  2. Matter search and loaded 1537 matters in 3 sec
  3. Work in search Text - 300 docs in 4 secs and 5000 docs in 9 sec
  4. Entity Search with more than 300 hits took <3 secs

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