When selecting a PDF from the folio grid, right clicking and selecting Open Attachment (Read Only) the PDF then opens in your PDF reader but slowly.


There are several reasons that the PDF might open slowly.  Some things to check:

  1. Your PDF reader is loading addins, logging into services etc.
    1. Disable any Add-ins for your PDF Reader;

If Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro is being used, please try the following:

  1. Adobe PDF reader is opening in protected mode
    Go to Edit>Preferences>Security (Enhanced)> uncheck 'Enable Protected Mode at startup' in Adobe PDF reader

If the issue persists, please investigate (or have your IT support team investigate) the following:

  1. Your network connection is slow.
    Do a Speed Test to make sure your connection is OK:
  2. Your antivirus is interfering unduly with the process.
    Try temporarily turning off your anti-virus to see if it improves the opening speed of your PDFs?
    If so, speak with your IT about overcoming the issue
  3. There is a hardware issue
    Try open the PDFs from another PC.  Do they open quicker?
  4. The LawMaster performance logs from the affected machine might help your IT identify the connection problem:
    1. Go to C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\LawMaster\PracticeManagement\Logs
      Where %username% is the Windows username of the person logged into the affected PC
  5. Does everyone else experienced the slow down at the same time if it is intermittent?

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