As of LawMaster version Canada R2, PDF documents will check in to LawMaster automatically if the Auto Check-in Non-MS Office Files checkbox is ticked, .pdf is included on the accompanied list of file types, and the application used to view the file is whitelisted. See the Editing Folio Attachments page for more information.


When closing a PDF document after opening it from LawMaster, it remains Checked out and doesn't automatically check back in.


This is usually caused by using the Edit Attachment option, found when right clicking the PDF folio in LawMaster.

Because PDFs are seen as read-only by Adobe Reader, LawMaster is never told by Adobe that it has finished with the PDF, so LawMaster doesn't know to check it back in.

The options are:

  1. If you use the Edit Attachment option for a PDF document, you will need to manually check it back in; 
  2. Use the Open Attachment (Read Only) option when right clicking the folio.