The following error message is received - 'The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT:.....)


In the LawMaster context, Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is used for communication between LawMaster and MS Office products such as Word and Outlook.
Previous occurrences of this error have indicated that an error has occurred in Outlook / Word / MS RPC server processing which prevents LawMaster from communicating with these applications, and has necessitated a retry and may even require applications to be closed before being able to restore communication.

Wider investigation of RPC issues indicate it is a common Windows error, for which the cause can come from various factors (RPC service issues, Name Resolution, Firewall, Network Connectivity...) - see: 

This error may also occur when there are Windows and Office updates waiting to be applied.

Unfortunately, these errors are not something that LawMaster can control. Initial troubleshooting steps are:

  1. to close Microsoft Office and LawMaster applications, 
  2. restart the machine, 
  3. and relaunch LawMaster and the Microsoft office application
  4. If that doesn't help make sure all Office and Windows updates have been applied before working through steps 1 to 3 again. 

Beyond that, if error persists, network, name resolution and other factors would need to be investigated by your IT people.