If you have processed a pay incorrectly for an employee  and it has been audited, you will need to reverse the pay record and then process the correct pay (if required).   

Step-by-step guide

To reverse a pay record.

  1. Go to the Employee Record > Earnings tab. 
  2. Find the selected pay line.
  3. Right click > Reverse Pay.

  4. You will be prompted with the following message > Select Yes.

  5. The Employee Earnings tab, will show the reversed line in the grid, as Grey: Pay Not Audited. 

  6. Audit the reversed pay.  Payroll and Personnel > Audit Payroll Transactions.  Once the pay has been audited any leave accruals and superannuation calculated will also be reversed. 

From a general ledger perspective, reversed payroll records will be treated as adjustments and postings will occur as follows once an End of Day has been generated:

DR Net Wages Clearing Account
DR PAYG/Deductions
DR Superannuation Payable Liability
CR Salaries
CR Superannuation Expense

If you are going to process another pay transaction to correct the one you have reversed,  you will need to journal the net amount from the Net Wages Clearing Account to the Bank GL e.g.

DR Bank GL
CR Net Wages Clearing Account

This amount will offset the new processed pay in the Bank Reconciliation.

This will then allow you to process your correction as you normally would, remembering to audit the pay. 

Ensure that you audit the reversed pay prior to processing a new pay if applicable.

If you are using STP, when you audit a pay transaction updated information will automatically be sent to the ATO.