Often payroll supervisors need to save the Cumulative Earnings Summary report, Calculate Gross and Tax report, and the Super Register report for historical, audit and reporting purposes. 

The best way to do this is to save them to subject files.

Step-by-step guide

NB: There is no document template or a form for these 3 reports, however, you are able to save each report as a folio to a subject file as follows:

  • Cumulative Earnings Summary: Main Menu > Payroll and Personnel > Reporting > Print Cumulative Earnings Summary
  • Superannuation Register: Main Menu > Payroll and Personnel > Reporting > Print Superannuation Register
  • Calculate Gross and Tax report: under the payroll processing menu.

When running the above options, you can either save them as an output to folio which is an xml file or output to excel and then use the floating file note and save them to the relevant subject file. For example,if saving them as an output to a folio use the icon indicated below: