This process is used when wanting to have different charge rates for a matter compared to those set against the user in Security > Maintain User Security.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Adding a Scale

    1. Go to Parameters > Set Parameters
    2. Type in SC into Parameter Type and press Enter
    3. In the context menu, choose Add
    4. For the new scale, give it a code of up to four alphanumeric characters, e.g. VIP
    5. Enter a Description for the Scale, e.g. VIP rates and click OK
  2. Adding Charge Rates to a Scale

    The charge rates for each scale are usually based on particular resource types, although a charge rate can be set universally to all resources on a scale if required. 
    1. To check user’s Resource Types:
      1. go to Security > Maintain User Security, 
      2. select their name from the left hand menu and then click Modify User – their Resource Type will be noted in that window.
    2. To add or modify the charge rates on a scale:
      1. Go to Parameters > Set Parameters:
      2. From the menu choose Matter and Client and then Charge Rates
      3. In the Charge Rates window that pops up, right click and Add
      4. Choose the Scale for which you are adding the charge rate
      5. In Resource Type, enter the type of resource for which this rate will apply on this scale, e.g. partners charge at a certain rate, which is different to lawyers, which is different again to paralegals. If the charge rate applies to all resources, then type * into that field.
      6. If the charge rate needs to be connected to a particular activity code/task only, then specify the activity code in the Act. Code/Item No field. Otherwise, leave the field blank so that the rate will apply to all activity codes for that scale.
      7. In the “Rate – Time” field, enter the charge rate per unit and type 6 min into the “Unit of Charge” field (provided you charge in six minute units).
      8. Change the Effective Date if required, otherwise leave as is. The other fields can be left blank or as 0. Click OK to complete the addition of the charge rate.
      9. Repeat the process for other resource types as required for that scale.
  3. Setting or Modifying a Scale on the Matter

    1. Go to the matter, then the Matter Menu
    2. Click on Review Matter Details
    3. In the Scale field, click on the ... button and choose the appropriate scale created in step 1 above
      NOTE: if a client has special rates repeat 3. to 3c. for each matter for that client.

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