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Use these steps if you have not yet reversed a cheque and are wanting to use the same cheque number.   If you are cancelling a cheque as it is no longer required or is unpresented, you simply follow the steps to cancel the cheque. 

Step-by-step guide

There are two options available to you to cancel a cheque and reuse the cheque number:

  1. Where an End of Day has not been generated;
  2. Where an End of Day has been generated. 

Option 1

Where an End of Day Run has not been generated and you realised that you used the wrong cheque number when issuing a payment.    These steps also work where you have also accidentally marked something as paid or need to cancel a direct deposit run with cheque numbers e.g. 199xxxxxx


Single Cheque:


Range of Cheques:


Option 2

Where an End of Day run has been generated, and you realise that the wrong cheque number was used when entering a payment.  



Where you are cancelling a cheque and not using the un-print cheque function this does not reinstate an unpaid voucher. You will need to re-enter the voucher again.

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