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This article explains the MTD calculations for the Author Performance tab on the Lawyers Workbench where a budget is set as fixed for a full time resource (where the FTE field is set to 1 on the user security record).

Author Performance Figures

These figures show where no leave has been entered i.e. unavailable time.  

These figures show where leave has been entered (showing 1 day as unavailable).

See below for further information regarding the setup information for the Resource that is referred to in this table. 

CategoryDescriptionActual - MTDTarget - MTD
Days Worked

The Days Worked figure is calculated based on the number of work days during a period less any public holidays that fall within the period (as defined in the HO parameter).

The figure is also affected:

  • by when you roll your End of Month, so if you roll your end of month of 4/9/19 then the days worked is calculated from this day.  It is suggested you go and update the Maintain Budget Parameter and amend the Start Date.
  • when a user takes any leave as determined by the Activity Code where the GST Exempt/Leave = LEAVE.
No. of Days in Period to date less any unavailability time entered.Target Days as per Budget
Legal Work (Hours/Day)Time entered which is chargeable including non-chargeable productive work entered. This is averaged throughout the month.

Work Units (converted to hours) / Days Worked.
i.e. (34/10) = 3.4 / 10 days = 0.34

Target MTD Days Worked x Chargeable Legal Hours / Actual MTD Days Worked (averaged).
i.e. 21 x 6 / 10 = 12.60

Non-Legal (Hours/DayTime entered which is non-chargeable non-productive work excluding the unavailable time (entered as Leave). This is averaged throughout the month.

N/C Units converted to hours / Days Worked. 
i.e. (40/10) 4.0 / 10 days = 0.40

Target MTD Days Work x Non-Chargeable Hours / Actual MTD Days Worked (averaged).
i.e. 21 x 2 / 10 = 4.20

Work Done ($) (All)Value of Legal work done.  Taken from charge rates on resource or scale set for the matter.Chargeable Units x Charge Rate i.e. $10,325.00Budget figure for period i.e. $37,800.00
Write On/Off Fees ($)Value of fees written on or off for period
Budget figure for period
ProfitabilityDifference between Actual Cost and Work Done including any fees written on/off for period . Actual Cost $ = No. of Units x Actual Cost (as defined on the resource record).

Work Done including write on/off less Actual Cost.
i.e. Actual Cost = 74 units x $6.50 = $481.00
Profitability = $10,325.00 - 0.39 - $481.00 = $9,8,43.61

Fees BilledFees billed for period for the resource.Total Bill Allocated i.e. $10,324.61Budget figure for period i.e. $37,800.00
Fees RecoveredFees received for period for the resource.Total Cash Allocated i.e. -$4,456.33

Setup information for Resource:


Resource Type - S: Solicitor
Actual Cost - $6.50

Time Entered - MTD - No Leave EnteredTime Entered - MTD - Leave Entered

Billing & Receipts - MTD

Firm Setup

Maintain Budget ParametersResource Type ParameterActivity Code - Showing Leave (Unavailable Time)


If you have made changes to Budget figures and they are not updating, you will need to Rebuild Performance Data. See Resource Performance Targets are not Updating

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