Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Matter you wish to export the attributes from and click on the Attributes tab.
  2. Click “Export grid contents to Excel”.
  3. Export as “Excel Workbook (xlsx)” > Click OK.
  4. Insert a new column “Matter Number” in the header and populate the cells with the Matter Number you want to import to.
  5. Delete the “Description” & “Update Date” columns.
  6. Change the column header “Value” to “Attribute Value”.
  7. Save As CSV (Comma delimited) file. 
  8. Go back to LawMaster.
  9. Go to Main Menu > System Maintenance > Data Migration Tools > Import Matter Attributes
  10. Click the bread crumbs “…” in the Name of Input File: field.
  11. Navigate to and select the saved CSV file.
  12. Change Update Option: to Update As Well.
  13. Leave Skip Header: option as Yes.
  14. Click OK.

Example below how the CSV file should appear with 3 columns only - Matter Number, Attribute Name and Attribute Value.

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