How do I save Grid layouts and any filters for all users, how can I save the grid layout for only one user

Step-by-step guide

  1. Save Grid Layout for All users:
    1. Once you have your grid layout the way you want it:
    2. Click the save icon;
    3. Click Yes and give the file a name or stick with the default, then click on the save button:

    4. This should save the layout as per you have it on screen

  2. Loading Grid Layouts:

    1. On the PC where you want this Grid applied, navigate to relevant program/screen and Click the "Load Grid Layout" button

      1. Select the saved file and Click Open:

  3. Saving/Loading Grid Layouts for firmwide usage:

    3.1.  The default save name and location should be used if the layout is to be applied automatically without having to load the grid manually.

    3.2.  To Save time your IT can send the layouts to all users in the firm to the default location as part of a login script or similar. The default location for these files is:

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