An FTP site facilitates users to securely exchange information between multiple teams and the upload of  large files.

Step-by-step guide

Download and Install an FTP Client on your local PC

Select the latest stable FTP version, such as from the FileZilla web site:
For most new machines, Windows 64bit installer works. Download and follow the wizard to install the FileZilla Client.

Using the Quick Connect bar

To connect to an FTP server:

    1. enter the address of the server into the Host field of the Quickconnect bar (e.g. - see image below).

    2. A username / password is required, enter them into the corresponding fields.

      NOTE: For the LawMaster FTP Hostname, Username and Passwords, please get In touch with your LawMaster project manager.

    3. Click on Quickconnect or press Enter to connect to the server.

Please notice that the Quick Connect is for... quick connections - so there is no way to edit the quick connections list which stores the last 10 entries.

To store FTP server names you should use the Site Manager, instead.
Quick Connect is good for testing the login info before making a site manager entry. Once you connect, you can choose File -> "Copy current connection to Site Manager..." to make a permanent entry. It is usually best to check your login info with Quick Connect before making a permanent entry. 

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