There are two reasons why you might see an System.OutOfMemoryException (OOM) condition.

  1. Your process is using a lot of memory (typically over 800MB in a 32-bit environment.)
  2. The virtual address space is fragmented, reducing the likelihood that a large, contiguous allocation will succeed.

NOTE: It's also possible to see an OOM condition due to a combination of 1 and 2.

When an OOM occurs, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms.


When it comes to determining the cause for an OOM condition, you are actually working to determine the cause for either a high memory situation or a fragmented address space. While there is no way to document all of the possible causes of these situations, there are some common causes that we see regularly.



If this is a error that is reoccurring at your firm and if you are hosting your own database, we would request you to enable windows logs to capture memory utilization on the server and PC in question when consumption exceeds 90% or more as the logs will help is ascertaining the memory intensive application and further evaluation. 

If the database is hosted on the LawMaster Cloud, assist us with the below responses to have the issue further analysed